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What does Rasoi mean?

Rasoi is a common word in many languages spoken in the Himalayas and Plains of Indian subcontinent meaning "The Kitchen".

Traditional Indian Cooking Classes

At Rasoi by the Sea, you will learn how food is prepared traditionally in the homes of north India. These cooking classes combine the essence of chef Sarju's continuing innovations and discoveries to infuse the local and easily available ingredients with traditional Indian flavours while also maintaining the nutritional value of the ingredients.

Cooking Class & Slide show of photos from India and Tibet

A cooking class by chef Sarju Sooch, is an integrated and interactive experience. In a class, students not only get hands on training in cooking traditional and authentic food recipes from the Himalayas and Indian sub-continent, they also get to taste their creations. After the class, Sarju presents a slide show of his trips to Indian Himalayas. These photos have been exhibited at University of Ottawa. For details, please consult the Schedule and Fees page.

About Sarju Sooch

Sarju was born and raised on a farm in the foothills of the Himalayas. He immigrated to Canada in 2001 and after completing a Masters degree from University of Ottawa in Geographical Information Systems, worked at Geomatics Canada in Ottawa. In 2007, he quit his cushy 9 to 5 job and city lifestyle to explore the West Coast. Today he call Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast, B.C., Canada as his home, where he pursues his passions for Cooking and leading exclcusive Cultural and Hiking Trips to his homeland in Indian Himalayas.

About Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are held at a waterfront cabin in the laid back environment of Roberts Creek, BC.


  • Class size is limited to 4-5 people to encourage one on one dialogue with the instructor.
  • Pre registration by phone or email is necessary.
  • Classes are preceded by a brief 5 to 20 minutes of meditation and followed by a slide show of Sarju's photos from India and Tibet. These photos have been exhibited at University of Ottawa. (For details please consult Schedule and Fees).

Goals of RBTS

At RBTS, we strive for an excellent experience:

  • Food you would eat in the homes of India (as opposed to Restaurants).
  • Recipes that preserve the health-nurturing properties of ingredients and do justice to the way food has been prepared traditionally for hundreds of years in the homes of India.    
  • Emphasis on using local grown, fresh, organic and seasonal ingredients (with the exception of spices).
  • Prepare food that not only your taste buds can savour, but food that is also good for your physical and mental health.
  • Recipes that suite the general lifestyle and climate in Canada.
  • Cooking with awareness.

Thanking my Shikshak (Teachers)

Deepest gratitude, first of all to my Ma (mother), Dadi ji (grand mother) and Bhabi ji (sister-in-law, Div and Nimisha) who are always eager to troubleshoot on the phone whenever I need their advice. Thanks to all the people spread over the Himalayas and the Plains of North India from whom I have picked up several recipes, and who are very enthusiastic to help me whenever I need their opinion. Thanks also to all the continuing input and insights that several health-conscious Moms and Dads in Canada have shared with me. They continue to be instrumental in improving and helping me eat healthy while still doing justice to the taste buds that were groomed in India.



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